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Manor House IS affordable living. These single occupancy Rooms for Rent in Sedalia, offer a unique way to manage your monthly expenses by having the convenience of one set price include all living expenses (except food). We know that daily living can be expensive. The cost of renting an apartment or home, plus the utilities, cable and food can sometimes mean that other bills go unpaid which can leave you facing eviction or having utilities turned off.

Manor House provides affordable living at one set price so there

are NO surprises on bills.

Your monthly rent provides a private, furnished bedroom, all utilities paid, HD cable and wireless internet access, local and long-distance calling, on-site coin-operated laundry facilities, and fully equipped kitchen, and numerous other amenities.

Prices per room are determined on the size of the room with rooms ranging from small single bed rooms to large studio size rooms. Click on Rooms and Availability to check out the rooms for rent.

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